2017 Field Season

That’s a wrap for our 2017 field season! We’ve had a very productive year on the West River and Clyde River. Some highlights of our field season were: ~19km of stream channel maintained clear of major blockages, 23 new brushmats constructed for capturing mobile sediment and restoring proper stream width, 28 full cover logs installed in a variety of locations for salmonid cover, and 22 boulder cluster sites for juvenile and invertebrate habitat. Along with that, we planted ~1200 trees and shrubs along restored sections of river. Our group is very pleased with the work we accomplished over the recent field season, and were even more pleased when we carried out our annual salmon redd count surveys to find 149 redds within our watershed (3 more than last year!).

We’d like to thank and provide recognition to our dedicated and hard working crew and board members, Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Fund, Watershed Management Fund, and Department of Transportation and Infrastructure for everyone’s support and we look forward to continuing such great work in the future!

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