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Become a CQWF member: Your annual membership fee of $10 helps us to fund things like youth fishing days, newsletter printings and community meetings. Your participation at membership meetings helps keep us on track to achieve our conservation goals by contributing fresh ideas and energy. To become a member, email

Join our volunteer work crew: Every summer, we hold several volunteer days to finish jobs that benefit from lots of bodies! This includes things like planting trees, building rock riffles, digging out leaders to natural springs and more. To become a volunteer (all ages accepted!), email:

Join our volunteer planning committee: The West River Management Plan directs our strategy for work each year. However, there is always more work than we can do. Establishing creative ways of achieving more is always needed. If you have energy and time to contribute but can’t physically manage stream work, this may be for you. To become a volunteer, email:

Apply for summer field work: CQWF hires a field crew each summer (May – September or a portion thereof), with the numbers hired varying with the funding resources we have available. If you are looking for summer work, particularly if you are a student at university or college, you may fit with our team. To enquire about job opportunities, email:

Partner with us in watershed management: Are you a council member in one of our watershed communities? Are you a landowner who is interested in collaborating with us? Do you belong to another organization with common goals? Please get in touch and let’s have a discussion! Email:

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