Restoration Topics

Tell me if this sounds like a familiar experience – You are having a conversation with someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. They are explaining something to you that is a little technical, enthusiastically and in great detail. You nod your head wisely and interject with “Ahaah”s in what you hope are all the right places, but in reality you were lost after the first sentence and haven’t got a clue what they’re nattering on about. We get it! Only people involved in watershed restoration understand the terms we use and appreciate the fabulous photos we post of our achievements on website and Facebook pages. It is a specialized field.

So, this page is for you! It explains the basics of watershed restoration and why CQWF does what we do. Check back often as we add new topics, and feel free to suggest other topics to us.

Topic 1: Sediment in the River – Click here.

Topic 2: Adding Cover Habitat for Fish – Click here.

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