CQWF’s 2020 hard-working field crew

Who Are We? Central Queens branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation (CQWF) is a non-profit, non-government volunteer organization that has been active in promoting the conservation of wildlife and their habitat since the 1970s. It is a branch of the Prince Edward Island Wildlife Federation (founded in 1906) and our members live, work and/or play in Queens County, PEI. CQWF is dedicated to fostering awareness and enjoyment of the Island’s natural environment. We are an organization for: anglers, hunters, birders, hikers, farmers, fishers, and wildlife enthusiasts of all ages.

What Do We Do? CQWF advocates for sustainable use of our natural resources; provides a forum for communication among individuals interested in wildlife and natural Island environments; educates youth on recreational use and respect for Island natural spaces; and supports conservation and restoration work in Queens County. In 2003, CQWF adopted the West (Eliot) River Watershed, a popular angling destination for many of its members, as its main conservation project.

How Do We Work? CQWF is a membership-based organization, with membership fees helping to cover meeting costs, education days and other administrative costs incurred throughout the year. In order to carry out conservation work, we have always had to seek additional funding through applications to provincial government, federal government or non-government funding programs. Typically, these funds are applied for on an annual basis.

How Do You Fit In? This website is intended to engage you! How you want to be engaged is up to you. You can digest the information we provide here and possibly learn something new – learning is a highly rewarding and life-long process. Knowledge leads to better decision-making. You could also decide to become a member and participate in activities organized by CQWF. If you are really excited by what you see here, you could even become a CQWF volunteer and help with volunteer field work days or in strategic planning of watershed management activities. You may belong to an organization that could collaborate with CQWF to foster positive change in the region. The possibilities are endless! For more information, check out the ‘Get Involved’ page.

Our Sponsors: Without their help, we could not do what we do.

Banner photo credits: Todd Dupuis, Rosie MacFarlane, Mike Oldham, Danielle Horne, Daryl Guignion