2017 Salmon Release Update

On behalf of the Central Queens Wildlife Federation we’d like to thank all who made this season and previous salmon release seasons happen.

Thank you to the Abegweit Biodiversity and Enhancement Hatchery for their help in capturing multi-sea winter salmon in the Morell River and successfully incubating some 70,000 salmon eggs in their Scotchford hatchery. They also helped with the delivery of the surplus salmon to the West River where the young fish were deposited over 100 selected riffles that fit their preferred habitat with desirable substrate and insect life.

Thank you to the Province for encouraging the re-introduction of surplus Atlantic salmon fry to specially prepared riffle rearing sites.

Thank you to numerous volunteers and summer staff that have helped improve many kilometres of stream to have ideal insect food and substrate to live in.

Thank you to Royce Steeves and his colleagues in D.F.O Moncton who have successfully linked good fry survival to the availability of ideal insect species in ideal habitat.

Our annual in-stream electrofishing sites have shown a dramatic increase in young salmon. This spring salmon smolts from our first salmon release in 2015 departed and started their venture to Greenland, we wish them safe travels with that hopes of a good salmon return in Autumn 2019!



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